Design is a development process in which ideas are tried and refined in stages. Colours need to be tested and preliminary ideas must be presented for meetings, sometimes entirely electronically, but always as attractive and accurate as possible. Design presentations must ‘speak’ when people can’t.


SmartDesigner™ is all about speed and possibilities. We offer speedy ways to work on design ideas and develop professional presentations. The interface is built using Interaction Design Philosophy, meaning that it works the way you do. All essential tools for fashion design are included. Being object‐oriented means different functionality of knits, weaves, prints, drapes can be combined seamlessly. Multi‐page designs are ready for presentations as such –no need to convert into other forms. Leave the organisation to us, designers, and focus on creativity!


A glimpse of what can be achieved with SmartDesigner :


CREATE advanced 3-D sketching + draping



Special knit tools assist through the creative process. Start from a hand‐drawn sketch and enhance look with shading and textures. Or, work with 3‐D draping tools –easy to change shape, scale and size any time. Built‐in knit structure library allows to draw designs in actual stitches, or using knit symbols, or even both in parallel. From design to production!